The Well Irish Pub and restaurant.

[ The magnificent entrance on the 2nd floor at Rupa’s mall]

Having have spent more than Two and a half years in Eldoret, I have always been searching for a place ‘ an heaven’ where I could just walk into on a Friday night with my boyfriend and have that cool relaxing drink as we watch tele or discuss ideas.

We hadn’t found one in those two years till yesterday when we walked into the Well Irish Pub restaurant at around 8.20 pm. The environment was calm and welcoming and the air was filled with the unforgettable yet welcoming aroma of food and alcohol.

We walked to the balcony hoping to see the night view of Eldoret town but to our disappointment, it wasn’t clearly visible. The balcony is specially designed to soot cigar smoking so we opted for an indoor seating since we treasure our privacy.

[Barman’s mocktail]

The well is famous for its Irish dishes and their Mocktail& cocktails and I just couldn’t wait to sip on one. I ordered their English Fish and mushy Peas with mashed potatoes while my man preferred to take ugali with chicken curry. For drinks I ordered a Barman’s Mocktail while my man ordered a glass of sweet red wine.

I must confess that the place was heavenly. The seats were comfortable enough for me to forget that I wasn’t home. Their menu is alittle bit expensive though the food is worth every penny. The bill is usually inclusive of 16%VAT and 2% Tourism Fund.

[English Fish and mushypeas with mashed potatoes]
The food took approximately 20 minutes to be prepared and the taste was unforgettable. The English Fish just melted into my mouth and the mushy Peas just had the right constistency. The mashed potatoes were also nicely done and the salad was fresh and crunchy.

[The sitting area]

The Irish pub is definitely a place that I would recommend to anyone who wants style, privacy and comfort all in one place. I definitely found my little heaven away from home and my go to eat out place in Eldoret.


5 thoughts on “The Well Irish Pub and restaurant.

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